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Greg Schmit

Computer Scientist/Engineer

About Me

I'm a full-stack engineer. My first language (other than QBasic/VB) was C, and my undergrad program was Computer Engineering, so I wrote embedded software and device drivers and really enjoyed learning the low-level aspects of software engineering. On my own time (and in some higher-level CS courses) I learned Python and Django. While my first web application language was Ruby on Rails, I ended up preferring Django's way of organizing apps and have been doing Django for about 8 years. I'm fairly proficient in JavaScript/jQuery, vue.js, and have been learning react native for mobile app development. While I've been good at using SQL through Django's ORM for quite a few years, lately I've become proficient in directly working with PostgreSQL.

Until recently I was a PhD student of Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (my badass advisor is here: I would like to find time in the future to finish a graduate program.

When building software, I really enjoy focusing on engineering things properly, as it massively speeds up time for adding features later, and ensures the system works reliably when it scales.


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